Seasonal Drink Specials

The cocktails at Ocean Ale House are based on locally sourced spirits and other ingredients sourced locally when available. We use seasonal locally-grown fruit, and our aromatics are selected with drinkability in mind.

Sazerac 14
Rye Whiskey, St. George Absinthe, Sugar, Peychauds, Lemon Twist

Tequila Sunrise 14
Navel Orange, House Grenadine, Cazadores Tequila Blanco

Drop The Lemon 14
Ingleside Honey Comb, Wheatley Vodka, Meyer Lemon, Honey Rimmed Coup

Rittenhouse Lavender Whiskey Sour 14
Rittenhouse Whiskey, Lavender, Meyer Lemon, Simple Syrup

Toki Highball 12
Suntory Toki, Seltzer Sisters

Honey Comb Old Fashioned 16
Rye Whiskey of the day, Bitters, Local Honey Comb

Daiquiri 15
Barbary Coast Agricole Rum, Line Citrus, Simple Syrup

Morning Ritual 14

Ritual Coffee Infused St. George Vodka, Lavender, Simple Syrup

Margarita 14
Cazadores Tequila Blanco, Lime, Agave (Tequila Reposado +2)

Jack Rose 15
Le Calvados Apple Brandy, Meyer Lemon, House Grenadine

Gin & Tonic 12
Gordons Gin, Fever-Tree Tonic Water, Lime Wedge

Gin Gimlet 12
Gordons Gin, Lemon, Simple Syrup

French 75 15
Gordons Gin, Meyer Lemon, Simple Syrup, 2019 Cremant, France, Rosemary

Yay Area Negroni 14
St George Terroir Gin, Compari, Vya Sweet Vermouth, Orange Peel

Aromatic Vesper 14
Lillet Blanc, Wheatley Vodka, Lemon Peel

Beer and a Shot 8
Shot and beer of the day


Our philosophy at Ocean Ale House is to create a menu with as many house made and farm grown ingredients as possible. Our seasonally inspired, spontaneous interpretations are made to order from our cooks and creators Daniel, Edwin, and Jayro.

Live now; make now always the most precious time. Now will never come again.” Jean-Luc Picard


Coastal Rocket Salad 12
Haro Family Farm Arugula, Radish, Strawberries, Sugar Snap Peas, Carrot, Avocado, Mixed Herbs, Chevre Goat Cheese, Carrot Ginger Dressing 

Warm Bacon Spinach Salad 14
Haro Family Farm Spinach, Far West Maitake, Bacon, Egg, Shallot, Warm Bacon Mustard Vinaigrette 

Bay Leaf Ice Cream 7
Organic Blue Berries, Chocolate Chunks 



White American, Aged Cheddar, Roquefort Bleu 3,

Far West Mushrooms 3, Pickled Red Jalapeno 2,
Bacon 3, HMB Farm Fatales Chicken Egg 2, Double Meat 4

Patty Melt 16
Brisket Chuck Patty, English Cheddar, Grilled Onions, Special Sauce, Butter Toasted
Rosalind Sourdough Pan Loaf, Side Pickles

*SOLD OUT* Crispy Chicken Sandwich 18
Vodka Mochiko Rice Batter, Pickles, Green Cabbage, Aioli, Rosalind Sourdough

Farm Fatale Chicken Egg Mushroom Melt 18
Far West Fungi Mushrooms, English Cheddar, Grilled Onions, EVOO, Rosalind
Sourdough Pan Loaf

Kids Burger 10
Beef Patty and Toasted Rosalind Sourdough Pan Loaf


Handcut Russet Fries 7

With a focus on California and Northwest wines, we curate an expressive and affordable selection of wines so as to give our guests a broad exposure to the terroir and varietals of our own regional backyard and the West Coast generally.


White Wine

White Blend, Cotes de Gascogne, Gers, France, 2019,Haut Marin 8 glass
                                        Chardonnay, Burgundy, Saint Veran, France, 2019, Denante 14 glass | 45 bottle                                         Chardonnay, Sonoma Coast, Copain, CA, 2017,  12 glass | 40 bottle
                                      Viogner, Tepusquet Vineyard, Santa Maria Valley, CA, 2018, Cambria 15 glass | 45 bottle                                       Sauvignon Blanc, Sonoma County, CA, 2020, Matanzas Creek 14 glass | 40 bottle

Rose & Sparkling Wine

Rose of Pinot Noir, Santa Maria, CA, 2019, Eden Rift 14 glass | 45 bottle
Sparkling Rose of Pinot Noir, Crement Alsace, France, NA, 14 glass | 45 bottle
Sparkling Wine of Limoux, France, NV, J Laurens 14 glass | 45 bottle
Pinot/Chardonnay, Champagne, France, NA, Michel Jacqout (2 glass minimum) 20 glass | 75 bottle

Red Wine 

Syrah, Sangiovese and Barbera Blend, Paso Robles, 20117 Tobin James 10 glass
Cabernet Sauvignon, CA, 2018, Fortune 1621 14 glass | 45 bottle
                                                      Zinfandel, Russian River Valley , CA, 2017, Hartford 16 glass | 50 bottle                                                       Pinot Noir, Santa Cruz Mountains, CA, 2019, La Honda 16 glass | 50 bottle